Finland, day 3

So I took the train to Salo today to do some work over there. We got a lot accomplished and I got to knock off a little early to get back to Turku to do a little shopping. I’m still trying to find some Finland souveniers and not having much luck. I did find a Finnish Bob The Builder pajama set for Reese, though. And a grocery store has provided me with my terva fix. Yummy terva.

We went to a restaurant called Foija, which is in some cellars underneath part of the mall. The food was excellent, and I enjoyed a lamb and goats cheese dish that was to die for.

Finland, day 2

Monday, Monday… After work we went to a neat viking themed restaurant called Harald. They have a most excellent reindeer dish, and the brambleberry sauce is yummy! I’m thinking of going back to try the wild boar later on this week.

Finland, day 1

Well, we’re here. The flight sucked, but then again there isn’t much enjoyable about spending 12 hours in a pressurized aluminum cylinder. It’s cold out, but that’s OK. The train ride from Helsinki to Turku was interesting, 100 mph on a train was a new experience.

The Old Monk

We went to The Old Monk last night and had a blast. We shared one of their famous cheese boards and I had a Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider, Glenmorangie Port Finish, and a Maredsous. All were tasty.

Bush won

Well, it’s all over now, Bush took Ohio and got enough electoral votes to win four more years. Let’s see what he does with them now that the reelection pressure is off.