vSphere Lab Box Hardware Ordered

Since it’s becoming such a large portion of my life, I’m building out a vSphere lab box to experiment on without running the risk of breaking my customer’s production site. It’s been a heck of a project getting stuff that will work with VMware’s HCL. But I think I’ve got it nailed down. Here’s the bill of materials:

I had a good case and CD/DVD drive laying around, so I’m reusing them to keep costs down a little. Everything should be in early next week. Then I can start building it and making sure everything does work with vSphere. If not, who knows, I may end up with a pretty amazing hackintosh…

Flogging Molly – Green 17 Tour 2012

Heather and I went down to meet up with a bunch of friends to go see Flogging Molly this evening. We had dinner at the attached restaurant first, with good food and terrible service. Apparently our server completely flaked out and disappeared some time between taking our orders and when the food was ready. Good thing we didn’t plan on catching the first opening act. But we did get there in time to see the last couple songs of their act. The second opening act, The Devil Makes Three. They’re a sort of bluegrass band, with a twist. We really liked them and after their set I went over to the merchandise table and picked up a CD and got it signed. Tonight was the last night they were on the tour, but we’ll be watching for them to swing through the area again. They’re on the “don’t miss” list.

Finally it was time for Flogging Molly. They, as usual, put on a great show, playing a lot of their well known songs, but adding in some new ones as well. One of the closing songs was a cover of a Bob Dylan tune. That was probably the best Dylan song we’ve ever heard. The only down side of the show was the drunken fools in front of us. They eventually got too stupid for the security staff and got escorted out. I just don’t get that. You spend over $100 on tickets, plus booze, and get thrown out because you can’t control yourself? No thanks. But it really didn’t detract from the evening, just something we laughed at.