ICR Point Riding West Of The Metromess

I got up early and headed north and west to pick up some more ICR points.  The first stop was the Frank Buck Zoo up in Gainesville.  Then over to Muenster to get pictures of Doc’s Bar and Grill and the wind turbines just north of town.  After that I went over to Saint Jo to see the farm sculptures just south of town.  From there I headed back north to ride over the Taovaya Bridge.  Technically I could get credit for the state of Oklahoma, since I was in it when I took the picture of the sign, but I’ll officially claim it when I ride up to Peoria for Reese’s birthday.  Back in to Texas and further west to Spanish Fort, a small unincorporated town, and the northernmost point in the trip.  Then down to Windthorst to stop at St. Mary’s Grotto, a Roman Catholic shrine.  I then made a quick hop over to Archer City to stop at the Archer County Museum and the Royal Theater.  I grabbed some lunch, rehydrated, and cooled down at the Wildcat Cafe.  After lunch I motored down to Fort Belknap State Park, the westernmost point on the ride.  Then on to Jacksboro to stop at Fort Richardson State Park and the Green Frog Restaurant.  Moving more back to the east, I stopped at Big Cat Care, a sanctuary/rescue organization.  There was a rather large male lion watching me as I took the picture, but thankfully he was behind sturdy fencing.  After that it was over to Decatur to get a picture of the Wise County Courthouse and the Whistle Stop Cafe.  On the home stretch now, a quick picture of the Muslim Cemetery outside of Denton before heading to Ponder.  In Ponder I got the last two pictures of the ride, the BNSF Caboose and the Ponder National Bank building.  After those last pictures I zipped back up to a gas station to get something to drink and then headed home.  The GPS says 406 miles in 10 hours and two minutes.  A good day’s riding, and here’s the Spot Adventures page for it.