Major Ikea Scores!

I went out to Ikea this morning to take a look at the bed that they had on sale. I got there about a half an hour before the store opened, but in time for breakfast. Unfortunately the hundreds of other people had exactly the same idea. So, to the back of the line to wait to get in. And then the unexpected happened. There was an employee walking down the line, handing out coupons for the mattress deal I was there to look at. I snagged one and waited my turn. On the way in they had the mattress, box spring, and topper set up so of course I hopped up and tried it out. Perfect!

With the pressure off thanks to that coupon I enjoyed breakfast a lot more and then headed over to the kids section to look for a bed for Reese. I was in luck and also picked up a loft bed, mattress, and desk setup for him as well. So now when he comes down this summer he’ll have somewhere to sleep other than the floor!

It’s all paid for and set up for delivery on Monday. Thanks Ikea!