Moving to FiOS TV And A New Tivo

I have FiOS, the business class service because I wanted static IPs so that I could host things like this blog. In mid-December Verizon had me change netblocks to allow us business customers to take advantage of new products and/or services. Well, it turns out that one of them is FiOS TV. I called them today and spoke to some very helpful people who answered my questions and set me up for an installation. Soon enough I won’t have rain fade during severe weather and the borked up guide data that doesn’t mark repeats as repeats.

After I scheduled the installation I went over Tivo‘s site and ordered a Tivo HD. Why a Tivo? A few reasons. First, I’ve been totally spoiled with the DirecTV one I’ve had for years. Second, I like having the ability to add more storage, and third, having known people with Verizon’s DVR, lets just say I didn’t want to have to deal with those issues!

The installation is set for a couple weeks from now, which should give me time to get the Tivo in and set up. Anything to make the installer’s life easier!