The RT’s 72,000 Mile Service – Part 2

I didn’t do too much on it today, just more disassembly since I’m waiting on parts for fixes that weren’t in the original plans. The gas tank is completely removed now, ready to do the fuel filter replacement, and I’ve taken the windshield, upper fairing, and dash off so that I can get at the instruments. The LEDs should be in on Thursday, as will the spark plug wires. But since I’ve got Kendo practice that evening, those tasks will wait until Friday or Saturday. Taking the dash off was interesting, especially having to move the speaker pods in order to get at the last bolts. But it’s all done now. Hopefully UPS and USPS are running on time. I’m itching to getting the bike back to looking like a bike because right now it, as Chuck put it on Facebook, “looks like a bomb has gone off”.