The RT’s 72,000 Mile Service – Part 3

The LED replacement lamps came in yesterday, but since I had kendo practice, I couldn’t get started on them until today. Getting the tach out was a real pain, but once it and the speedometer were out, replacing the lamps was easy. It turns out that I had two burned out bulbs, one in each instrument. I had to fiddle a little bit to get them all working, since the LEDs are polarized where incandescent bulbs are not. But once I got that sorted out and the sockets replaced, I could start buttoning the bike back up. While I was at it I also started the installation of my RCU shelf. It’s in, but not completely tightened down, until I can finish the adjustments. The new lamps are really bright, making the instruments so much easier to see. Next up is using the new compressor to blow some of the dirt and gravel out of the nooks and crannies of the engine area while I’ve got the tank off. Then reinstalling the tank, and starting in on the fluid changes.