The Cotton Bowl

After I got in a short nap(!) we headed down to Reunion Arena to get on the bus to the Cotton Bowl. Heather volunteered to help out with the Tennessee Alumni Association’s bus, so we got a free ride over. That’s a really good thing considering the parking situation in the Fair Park area. I got some loaner orange so that I didn’t look so out of place since our seats were in the Tennessee section.

This was my first live football game, other than a few crappy games when I was in high school, and it was a blast. The Aggies were obnoxiously loud, but kept getting quieter and quieter as the Vols moved the score higher but I’ll give them credit, they didn’t give up.

We had great seats on the lower level of the stadium at around the 20 yard line which gave us a really good view of the field. I’m still pretty football ignorant, but it was a pretty good game, and I’m hoping to get to a few more.

There’s pictures of the game over here in case you’re interested, don’t mind the orange!