X Men: The Last Stand

Here’s a double review, of the movie and the theater. A friend of mine knows the folks who own the Harkins Theaters chain. They were having their grand opening weekend for the new Southlake location this weekend and she got us VIP seats for one of the shows on Saturday afternoon.

We lucked out and got to see the movie in the Ciné Capri theater with its 74 foot wide, 30 foot tall screen. The picture quality and the sound were incredible. The seats were extremely comfortable. No more AMC Theaters at Grapevine Mills. This place blows that AMC theater away.

The movie was pretty good, though there were a few things that I was wondering about, like where Nightcrawler went. There was more backstory and character building than in the last ones as well. Overall it was a great addition to the franchise and well worth the price of admission, if I’d had to pay.