Started A Batch Of Dry Mead

I was going to start this one on Sunday but because I was in a hurry when I picked up the yeast I failed to notice that the pack was a year old. So it didn’t swell up like it should have. I let it go a while longer and Sunday turned into Monday. It never did swell up like it should have but I decided to go ahead and do it anyways.

It’s a simple recipe, just dissolve 12 pounds of honey and bring the volume up to 5 gallons. Pitch the yeast, I’m using Wyeast’s 4021 Pasteur Champagne strain, and wait. I used some persimmon/wildflower honey, native Texas stuff, from Round Rock Honey out of Austin.

Initial gravity was around 1.086 – 1.090.

We’ll see how the yeast does.