Iron Chef America

It’s been a busy week and I just got around to watching the first episode of Iron Chef America. It was fun to finally watch one of these shows and be able to understand what the chefs are saying to each other. The challenge was between Bobby Flay and Rick Bayless. The secret ingredient was buffalo (bison). I’ve got to say that the dishes they plated were more appetizing than the ones the Japanese chefs made in their version of the show. In fact, Chef Bayless’s buffalo stuffed chile rellenos are probably going to be duplicated in my kitchen.

Alcoholic beverage sales

The mailman gave me a present today. About three months ago I signed a petition calling for a vote on beer and wine sales in Lewisville. Right now they’re not allowed, but all of the surrounding towns can sell them, so all that’s happening is Lewisville is losing a bunch of tax revenue. Hopefully this will pass, and I’ll definitely be voting for it.


I just found a pretty cool blog related game called BlogShares. It’s a virtual stockmarket based on blogs. I’m now listed and there are shares of this blog for sale.

One of the interesting blogs that I happened across while there is Farzad’s Blog, so go take a look at it!

The Sportster’s fixed

I just got off the phone with Junior over in the service department at American Eagle Harley Davidson. The bike’s fixed, it was a broken shift pawl spring, one of the nicely buried parts that I wouldn’t have been able to get at anyways. And to make things even better, the bill wasn’t astronomical either! So I’m going to go pick it up tonight…

Kill Bill Vol. 2

This was Good Stuff! It was a lot different than the first installment, with a lot more backstory and plot building than gratuitous voilence but it was still a lot of fun. The character of Pei Mei was a hoot, and after watching the making of featurette I think I’m going to rent a few of the Shaw Brothers’ movies since he’s apparently a recurring character in them.

The Sportster’s in the shop

I gave it my best shot, but it wasn’t any kind of obvious problem other than the shifter lever breaking off when I removed the screw holding it on the shaft. The detent spring was fine and as far as I could tell the detent plate was still in place, but it’s pretty well hidden behind the clutch assembly so it could still be the problem. But, since I don’t have the tools or technical know-how to pull that, I decided to call it quits and send it to the shop. So, it’s now in American Eagle Harley-Davidson‘s hands. Updates will follow.


The Ufies had the weekly movie night last night with Elektra on the bill. It was OK, but I thought it was a little slow in parts and weak on the story line. I don’t know too much about the comic book history of the character so I can’t really comment on that aspect of the film.

After the movie we headed over to Steak n Shake for some shakes and chili. I think I finally got home at around 2:20 AM but all in all a great night.

Throwing my hat into the ring

Tonight was the Lone Star Jeep Club‘s monthly meeting and after listening to some empassioned pleas for more people to run for positions, I’ve decided to run for one of the open Member Board positions. It’s time for me to give something back after three years of enjoying the fruits of other peoples’ labor. Speeches are next month, and the voting results will be announced on March 12th.