MITM 2006 – Sunday

Today was a short day, and the rain was still there. Everyone was packing up to go home but there was still time for some good laughs and a few more pictures. I left the farm at around 9:30 to get back to St. Louis in time to catch my flight home. Apparently there was some sort of Red Hat Society gathering in St. Louis this weekend because there were red hats and purple dresses all over the airport. After an uneventful flight I got home at about 4:00 in the afternoon.

Pictures are in the gallery.

Thanks for a great weekend everyone!

MITM 2006 – Saturday

I got an early start and got out to the farm by 9:00 and headed out for breakfast not long after that. It was really good to see friends whom I only get to see once or twice a year. After breakfast I made a quick run up to Peoria (about 2 1/2 hours away) to see Reese for a little while. Then back to the farm for some roast pig and more catching up. The pig was excellent and nature’s fireworks really helped. We had a line of strong thunderstorms park right over us. It was bad enough that I slept in the rental car instead of pitching the tent.

MITM 2006 – Friday

This weekend is the annual MITM gathering in Illinois. I got some cheap plane tickets thanks to American and Southwest’s fight over the Wright Amendment and flew up on Friday evening. The plane was delayed on the runway for almost an hour and because of being up early for work and the late arrival I decided to crash at a friend’s house in St. Louis instead of driving tired.

A Bunch Of Landscaping

I’ve been pretty frustrated at the state of the landscaping in my front yard. It’s been a mess for a while with lots of overgrown shrubs and a layout that’s just way too dense. So on Saturday I had some landscapers come over and remove all of the shrubs and other plants. Then on Sunday a couple friends came over and we planted some new flowers and mulched everything. It took about 40 bags of mulch to get everything covered, but it looks great now. There are some before and after pictures in the gallery.

We also planted a couple fig trees in the back yard. Hopefully they’ll have some figs on them next year.