Transformers (DLP)

Joi, Reese, and I went to see Transformers today at one of Rave‘s DLP theaters and I’ve got to say that I was really impressed. It was the first DLP movie I’ve seen and the improvement in picture quality was very much noticable. I’m going to aim for more movies in those theaters in the future.


I got to a late night showing of Transformers tonight, and just as a word of advice, pick another day. Southlake Town Center was packed with people going to see the fireworks.

The movie was great! It was long enough to make a good story without feeling rushed. The robots were great, and as sci-fi goes a lot more believable, than in the cartoons.

Definitely the blockbuster of the summer, and well worth the price of admission.

Live Free or Die Hard

The summer of movies continues with the latest sequel of the Die Hard franchise. It was a lot of fun to watch. Almost non-stop action, bits of dark and light humor strategically located to diffuse the tension, and lots of stuff getting blown up.

Don’t go looking for a much depth, because it’s not there. And there are a few obvious plot holes, but what the heck, things get blown up!