Updating The Kitchen Knives

Well, with Linens N Things going out of business and had some decent deals, I decided to start replacing my kitchen knives, replacing the cheaper, serrated knives with better quality ones. I’ve decided to go with Henckels Pro S series knives, and true to my expensive tastes, I can’t replace all of them at once. So I picked up a 7″ Santoku, since it’s the one I’ll use the most. I’m just going to replace them one at a time from here on out in order of what I’m most likely to use.

Bishop Jonah’s Consecration

I was fortunate to be able to be at St. Seraphim Cathedral for the consecration of Bishop Jonah, our newest bishop. It was a very interesting ceremony, the first consecration of a bishop I’ve seen, and it was really nice to see the cathedral packed with laity and priests. We took Mother Thekla over to get some peel and eat shrimp afterward because, as a monastic, she doesn’t eat meat and the catered food was barbecue. She’s a lot of fun to talk to, and if you’re ever in South Carolina, pop on over to Saints Mary and Martha Monastery and spend some time with them.